Judas’ Coins to Krishna’s Jar: List of “Antiquities” the Swindler Monson Claimed to Have


A simple glance at what Monson claimed to have in his collection will leave you with just one question: How the hell did people get into this elaborate hogwash?

If the Louvre claims to have famous paintings by Leonardo da Vinci, we believe so. But when a man from Kochi says he has a bloodstained cloth belonging to Jesus Christ, we doubt him. Why are we so deplorable skeptics, laments the host of a YouTube channel that once featured the now infamous “museum man” Monson Mavunkal. To moving music, the hosts touching the “exhibits” – ranging from Judas’ coins to Mother Teresa’s hair (Monson is clearly a man of boundless imagination) – with extreme reverence and how they were in attendance. of “history” itself, video is a prime candidate for the proverb “hindsight is always 20-20”.

Well, in fact, the skepticism pays off or that’s what a few VIPs in Kerala have learned in recent days as their photos with “the man in the museum” have gone viral. While Monson Mavunkal is in the custody of Kerala Police for defrauding six rupee 10 crore people, what emerged last week was that his museum was an elaborate fraud and most exhibits are suspected to be false. Monson has become the makings of memes, but a simple glance at what the man claimed to have in his collection will leave you with just one question: How the hell did people get into this elaborate hogwash? From the media to celebrities, everyone seems to have been won over by Monson’s stories.

We have “carefully” gone through many videos and articles from the past to compile this list of “antiques” that Monson claimed to have.

Two coins paid to Judas for betraying Jesus Christ: Of the 30 pieces of silver paid to Judas, a follower of Jesus Christ, for betraying him, Monson claimed to have got his hands on two coins. A video put together by a YouTuber about Monson’s prized antiques shows these two “Judas coins,” which are embossed on both sides and kept in a miniature treasure chest.

Staff of Moses: That’s right, “the staff of Moses,” which has a wooden serpent wrapped around it, is in his collection, Monson said. (phew)

A cross made from the mud that was on Jesus’ feet when he was crucified: a small cross, which Monson said was made from the mud or earth that was at the feet of Jesus Christ at the time of the crucifixion, is one of his precious relics, Monson said. Pull the rosary at the bottom of the cross and a miniature gold Bible comes out.

A thread of the cloth used to wipe the face of Jesus during the crucifixion: a small thread is wrapped around the rosary, which is used to remove the miniature gold Bible from the cross that would have been made from the mud that once touched the feet of Jesus. This “thread” was once part of the cloth used to wipe the face of Jesus when he was crucified, the Monson story tells.

A grain of Jesus’ blood: Oh yes, that little thread that was once part of the cloth used to wipe the face of Jesus when he was crucified, also has a “grain of Christ’s blood,” Monson says.

The Nail of Saint Anthony: Monson’s collection includes what he claims to be the nail of the Portuguese Catholic priest Saint Anthony of Padua, which was framed in remembrance.

Piece of veil of Saint Alphonsus: the Catholic nun Saint Alphonsus was the first Indian woman to be canonized. Monson claimed to have a piece of the saint’s veil in his collection.

Mother Teresa’s Hair: A lock of Mother Teresa’s hair is another Christian relic in her original museum, Monson said. Mother Tersesa was a Catholic nun and missionary. He also claims to have the clothes of Saint Kuriakose Elias Chavara.

2000-year-old Jug of Jesus: that one of the six carafes, which once held the water Jesus converted into wine at a Cana wedding, is in Monson’s Kerala mansion turned museum, is still another “creative” story.

Snake Oil: No, it’s not part of Monson’s collection, but it was.

The Prophet’s Chalice: While Monson’s collection contains a number of Christian “relics”, his museum also houses a number of antiquities that he believes were related to the Prophet Muhammad. Among the antiques in his so-called collection are the chalice and the lamp of the Prophet Muhammad.

Krishna’s Jar: Hindu “artifacts” also feature prominently in Monson’s collection. In an interview, he shows a wooden pot in which Lord Krishna’s mother Yashoda is said to have used to store buttermilk. And to make his story believable, Monson claimed that since Krishna used to steal buttermilk by spilling the pot, Yashoda decided to have a wooden one instead of a mud one.

Monson has a mini library of holy books and he makes different statements in different interviews. A handwritten Bible in which a cross appears if you heat a page, the very first printed Bible, the Quran and the Bhagavad Gita in its prayer room, a gold Quran, Quran written in goatskin, the smallest Quran in the world , the smallest manuscript Quran, Chattarapati Sivaji’s Bhagavad Gita and much more.

And like any other “artifact collector,” he has plenty of firsts. First Indian typewriter, first telephone, world’s first gramophone, first calculator, first sewing machine, first ceiling fan, the list goes on!

Then there is a throne that apparently belonged to Tipu Sultan. The ‘throne’ features in most Monson memes, as none other than former Kerala Police Chief Executive Officer Lokanath Behera has been filmed striking a pose. One wonders what this says about the agent’s capacity for deduction. It has also now emerged that the former DGP has sanctioned police security at Monson’s home.

The Monson Museum, where all these ‘priceless’ antiques and artifacts were literally thrown away, had much more – the golden chappals of Satya Sai Baba, the paintings of Raja Ravi Varma, Picasso and Leonardo da Vinci and the veena of Swathi Tirunal too.

Did we forget to tell you about Aurangazeb and his wife’s ring?

Well, the only claim that really gets him in trouble is that he said he had an ancient scroll in which the traditions of the temple of Sabarimala were first written. Monson claimed that the parchment was in a box bearing the seal of the royal family of Pandalam. Kerala Police are about to investigate separately.


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