Lorraine Kelly shares truth about her clothing size after lockdown weight gain


Lorraine Kelly

Lorraine Kelly shared a very relevant dilemma that many street shoppers will have gone through on their own – how you can be one size in one store and completely different size in another! In its exclusivity HELLO! newspaper, the presenter showed the marked difference between brands and how size should not, but can, affect your confidence. Read his column below …

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Now, like so many other people, I have definitely gained more than a few pounds during this entire pandemic. It’s a combination of not being about to attend my regular exercise classes and indulging in some serious, comforting eating.

I went from a size ten to a size twelve, but I’m starting to wonder if size matters more.

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Here is the thing. I came back from a week off and tried on navy pants. There was no way I would fit into my old size 10, but I couldn’t pull the zip up on size 12, while size 14 was fine for me.

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That same day I tried on a size 10 dress from Wallis that fit perfectly and a size 12 skirt from Hobbs was a bit roomy. So what is going on?


Lorraine Kelly pants in size 14

I always knew that some street stores were known to be on the toddler side, especially Top Shop, while Marks and Spencer had a much more roomy fit, but how can a standard size 10, 12, 14 or 16 fit? it varies as much from storing to storing?


But also put on a size 10 jumpsuit

I also know that the number that is on the tag of your clothes shouldn’t really matter as long as they look good on you and make you feel good, but sometimes it can really affect your self-confidence.


And a size 12 dress

I just don’t understand why manufacturers and designers can’t come together and make all of their sizes the same. It is surely not difficult to decide on a definitive number of inches or centimeters for our height and our breasts and to tailor the clothes accordingly.

Also, while on the topic, I was actually more of a size 11 rather than a size ten, and I think it would be a great idea to have odd numbers as well as even numbers. We should let sizes 9, 11, 13, 15, 17 and up join together for an even better fit. What do you think about it?


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