Minister: Lithuania will provide winter clothes worth about 2 million euros to Ukrainian troops

“We will buy winter clothes from Lithuanian companies for a few million euros over the next few months and hand them over to Ukrainian troops, which means that up to 25,000 Ukrainian soldiers will receive winter clothes,” Anusauskas said during a presentation on the country’s security situation in parliament on Tuesday.

The minister also informed lawmakers that the partial mobilization of Russia, announced last week, did not lead to an increase in the threat level in Lithuania, but the country responded by putting its rapid reaction force on higher alert. high.

“What the mobilization means for the security of our region is that there is no indication at the moment that the mobilization of Russia and its objectives are directed against the Baltic States, therefore, we do not do not consider as an increase in the threat level for Lithuania, but Lithuania had to react, and we reacted by raising the alert level of the Lithuanian army’s rapid reaction force, although there was no there is no real indication of provocations,” the minister said.

“Putin’s anti-Western rhetoric with nuclear threats” before the mobilization decision is an attempt to dissuade Western countries from supporting Ukraine, Anusauskas stressed and assured that Lithuania’s support will remain substantial.

“Lithuania’s support in the form of weapons and other military equipment so far amounts to around 209 million euros. Lithuania’s support to Ukraine continues to be substantial, and I would like just stressing that this is not a race for support between countries, we give what we can give, Ukraine asks for what it needs,” the minister said.

Anusauskas also mentioned that Lithuania had supplied 105mm howitzers and M113 armored personnel carriers to Ukraine and informed that 500 Ukrainian soldiers had been trained in Lithuania, adding that Lithuanian instructors would contribute to the mission of training in the UK from October.

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