Misplaced poncho and electric cable location for grandma’s clothes

You don’t know how to get an electric cable so that grandma makes you a poncho in Stray? In the slums of Stray you will meet quite a few interesting characters. Many of them will kindly ask you for a favor in order to give you something. This game does not hold your hand and you will be constantly presented with tasks or items without knowing where to go or how to use them. For example, in Grandma Clothing, you will be able to get a poncho, but only if you provide her with the power cable. In this guide we explain where to find the electric cable and how to use Poncho in Stray.

How to use Poncho in Stray?

Where to find electric cord for poncho in Stray

As you explore the Slums area of ​​Stray, you’ll encounter various characters that will aid you on your journey. However, the structure of the game is not linear, so you won’t always encounter these characters in a specific order. Sometimes this can confuse players, as they will discover various items, but not always know where to find them and how to use them. If you go to visit Grandma Clothing first, she’ll mention a poncho and ask you to bring her a power cord, because that’s what she needs to knit one for you.

Finding the electrical cable in Stray is quite easy. Cable can be purchased from Azoos. He’s a vendor in the slums, you’ll spot him pretty easily, he’s a robot with a cowboy hat, sitting in the street near the stairs. However, he will only exchange it for Super Spirit detergent. Read our Super Spirit Detergent guide on how to get this item. Once you get it, just go back to the seller and then exchange it for the power cable. Then take the cable to Grandma and she will make you a poncho.

How to use Poncho in Stray

Now, when you have the poncho, what do you actually do with it? Many players don’t know how to use Poncho in Stray. If you’re one of them, don’t worry, we’ll explain! So what does Poncho do in Stray and what is its purpose? Quite simply, you have to bring the Poncho to Elliot. Elliot will use it as a blanket, and he won’t be cold anymore. When it no longer freezes, it can help you fix the tracker. That said, our guide is now complete!

Misplaced poncho and electric cable location for grandma's clothes
Take the Poncho to Elliot, and he’ll repair your Tracker.

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