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Check-in room, the social virtual reality platform, has just released an update that allows its Plus members to create personalized shirts for the first time, allowing you to draw almost anything with a virtual pen stroke and d apply the graphic to a t-shirt. The studio claims that users will also be able to sell these shirts on the market at some point in the future.

Compared to VRChat, Check-in room offers a significantly more limited way to customize avatars as it relies on in-platform tools. Although Check-in room now offers full avatar costumes, it’s a far cry from the kind of customization standard 3D modeling tools allow. Still, the studio is taking steps to allow its millions of users to express themselves in a way that meets the guidelines. After all, Check-in room is one of the few social platforms with dedicated junior (under 13) accounts that are both COPPA compliant and kidSAFE certified.

Now the studio has released a video tutorial on how Plus members can create custom shirts. Here is a brief explainer, which shows how users can draw and apply the graphic to both the front and back of a shirt:

As you can imagine, there is also an explicit warning against inappropriate shirt designs that would violate the platform’s code of conduct. As for the t-shirts, Check-in room prohibits designs that include elements featuring sexist, racist, discriminatory or harassing language, symbols or behavior. Like all of its user-generated content, it relies on the game’s player base to self-police and report content that violates the guidelines.

Custom shirt making is only open to paying “Plus” members, an optional membership program that costs $8 per month. Plus includes a few notable perks beyond free accounts, such as 100 saved outfit slots, monthly token drops, discounts on store items, and the ability to earn tokens by selling things like room keys to mini-games or digital items such as gadgets. Some members can even sell these items and convert their game tokens into real money, which is a strong incentive to keep streaming fresh content from third-party creators.

And there’s no shortage of ready customers either, because Game room The player base recently grew to 3 million monthly active VR users. This figure is actually a “pretty low percentage” of overall active players, according to the studio, as most users access the game through traditional gaming platforms like iOS, Android, PlayStation, and Xbox.

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Check-in room is currently organizing an art competition whose theme is “sport”. This includes the new Custom Shirts category. For more information, see the Art Contest Rules and the Submission Form to get started.

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