Paint Your Life turns your precious memories into stunning works of art

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Every year I try to find a sentimental and/or useful Father’s Day gift that my dad will love. And every year I am perplexed. Around the first week of June, I will resolve to stick to my favorite gifts: a bottle of alcohol or kitchen utensils.

But this year, I was determined to find something different. I began my yearly quest for a gift that my stoic, pragmatic, “if I want something, I’ll buy it” dad would appreciate. While searching, I found Paint Your Life.

paint your life creates stunning one-of-a-kind works of art that will make your loved one smile (and cry too – tears of joy are inevitable with this unique gift). Forget the spatula this year and give dad a gift that will leave him speechless.

What makes Paint Your Life so special?

(Paint your life)

In addition to cooking utensils and good liquor, I often offer photos to family members when I have no other ideas. These memories are much more personal than now another one BBQ apron or bourbon bottle. Moreover, they are simple and sentimental.

Over the past few decades on Father’s Day, I’ve given away various photo albums, photos in frames, photo sketches – you get the idea. I loved the emotional aspect of giving photos, but I wasn’t crazy about giving my pops the exact same gift.

Enter Paint Your Life, a custom portrait service which creates breathtaking paintings from your digital photographs. Unlike other online stores that simply upload your photo and slap it with a paint filter, Paint Your Life uses real artists to create your masterpiece.

So how does it work?

Using paint your life Is simple. First, you upload your photos online. You can use a single image or combine multiple photos. Because an actual artist (brush and all!) will be creating this portrait to order, the possibilities are virtually endless.

Then you will select your preferred size and pay 20% of your total cost as a deposit for the artist. So, paint your life the graphic designers will create a digital mock-up of your portrait. After approving the model, the magic begins!

paint your life employs over 300 experienced professional artists. You can select your artist to ensure the finished product matches your taste and style. They will send you a photo of your finished portrait so you can request any necessary changes. Then you will select a frame and complete the payment and shipping process.

A gift like no other

I quickly fell in love with paint your life for multiple reasons. On the one hand, I was reassured by the fact that real artists would create my painting, not a computer. It made me feel better about where I was sending my money and the quality of the coin.

But I also loved the versatility of this service. My family is relatively small and not particularly close. Ever since I was a kid, everyone lives too far away or has too busy a schedule. As a result, our family photos are rare.

when we do take the rare family photo, one member is inevitably missing. As time passes and we lose more and more grandparents and distant relatives, the group becomes even smaller. But with paint your life, I can combine multiple photos into one portrait. Time, schedules, distance, even death itself – Paint Your Life overcomes it all.

Sentimental savings, a win-win

In honor of Father’s Day approaching June 19, get an exclusive 25% off with code FATHERS25.

Since a human is painting your portrait, not a computer, turnaround times are relatively longer than other digital services. (But the final product will also be much better.) The current lead time for a standard medium-sized portrait is 22 days.

However, you can receive your unique gift in just 13 days with express service and shipping. So even if you’re a procrastinating donor like me, you still have a chance of receiving that beautiful portrait before the holidays.

Yet even if you don’t, there’s no definitive timeline for when a gift like this might be appreciated. Gift cards are also available if you want to let your dad choose his own custom portrait. Whether it’s Father’s Day or two weeks after, your dad will love it sincere and touching gift.

(Plus, if you catch him a few weeks later, you’re much more likely to catch a rare happy dad tear or two.)

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