Pokemon Fan Art Swaps Gengar and Jigglypuff Faces

Jigglypuff and Gengar swap faces through one player’s creativity, and the results are surprising to say the least.

With the release of Pokemon scarlet and violet a few months later, the number of pocket monsters in the Pokemon franchise is about to swell again. Although there are approximately 900 Pokémon already featured in the series, many of these creatures remain instantly recognizable to avid fans due to their unique designs. Recently, a player decided to make some art that put a new spin on the look of Jigglypuff and Gengar, two popular pocket monsters seen in the series.

Taking to Reddit, a user known as BigBoiChong shared an image he created based on the Pokemon series featuring Gengar and Jigglypuff. While the internet is full of awesome fan art featuring these iconic pocket monsters, this creation by BigBoiChong stood out because it swapped the faces of the Pokemon. And the results of this unusual fan art have been surprising to say the least.


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In the photo, the bodies of Jigglypuff and Gengar were both visible, except with different facial features than many would likely have expected. Jigglypuff had the sinister smile usually seen on Gengar with his dazzling red eyes. On the other hand, Gengar featured two cute eyes and a simple smile, turning the Ghost/Poison-type Pokémon into something much less threatening. This interesting juxtaposition of facial features caused BigBoiChong to humorously write “I don’t know what I did…” when posting the art on Reddit.

Since BigBoiChong shared this fan art of Gengar and Jigglypuff, many members of the Pokemon community took the time to comment on the creation. In fact, the post featuring the Pokémon’s swapped faces has already racked up over 15,300 upvotes in less than a day on Reddit. In the comments section, fans tried to come up with names for the new face-swapped Pokemon. For example, a popular suggestion offered by a player was “Gigglypuff and Jengar”. Additionally, one user pointed out that Gengar’s face on another Pokemon looked even more menacing.

While this fan art created by BigBoiChong was memorable, it’s not the only one Pokemon-creation on the theme shared on the Internet in the last two weeks. Due to the popularity of Jigglypuff and Gengar, they are often the subject of fan art. For example, another fan recently created an intricately detailed custom ring that featured Gengar’s face. It will be interesting to see what kinds of creations fans like BigBoiChong make in the coming weeks. Maybe they’ll decide to swap the faces of two other pocket monsters, creating even more shocking Pokémon combinations.

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