Pramod Susare from Ahmednagar makes original furniture recycled from discarded used items

A mechanical engineer by profession, Pramod Susare had the idea of ​​making recycled furniture after seeing this unique concept in China during his professional training.

For Pramod Susare, becoming an engineer was his childhood dream. He fixed his bike, serviced it, fixed the sewing machine at home and everything else. After finishing his 12th grade, when he passed the engineering entrance exam with an impressive result, he was selected to his favorite college. But the annual fee was way too high, so he decided to go ahead with an engineering degree.

“After graduating, I started working. But since I really wanted to become an engineer, I later applied to a university in Pune and was selected. But like last time, I had no money to pay the fees, so I spoke to my HOD. He asked me to continue my work and told me he would take care of the rest. That’s how I graduated, got another job, and worked there for two years. But since I felt there was no growth, I left and joined a multinational,” he told Local Samosa.

A glimpse that inspired him!

Pramod was sent to China for his training, and there he came across a local restaurant that had furniture made from barrels and tires. “I found it quite interesting and clicked on a picture. After that I came back and continued the work, but there was no growth. One day I was checking my Facebook and this picture appeared, and that’s when I thought about starting a business that would sell such furniture,” he said.

For the next year, Pramod worked in silence on his start-up. Every day after he finished his 9 to 5 job, he went to the small workspace he had rented and made the furniture. “Before, I worked until midnight during post office hours, painting, cleaning and repairing used tires. No one was with me and I was making 3-4 chairs and stools a day. I used to get the tires and metal pipes from remote areas because nearby stores told me no. Nobody knew until a year,” he said.

Pramod Susare
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From getting three projects in 20 days to exporting his furniture to South Africa

Since people were unaware of the concept of recycled furniture, Pramod came up with a brilliant marketing tactic. He placed his furniture in a nearby store and told the owner to give his card to anyone who asked and inquired about it. “That’s how I got my first order, and it was a little coffee. I then started to have small projects. But the one that changed my life was a restaurant named Valvet Garden in Thane, Mumbai. The owner was a music teacher and wanted music-themed furniture. I was asked to complete the project in just 20 days and was given Rs.1 lakh in advance. I had never seen such a sum in my life. The order was Rs.4 Lakh in total and so it worked as a motivation for me,” he said.

Pramod Susare
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Pramod Susare then hired painters, sales people and helpers, and with a team of 5 he started working on this project. It was quite risky because he didn’t know if he would get another project. But after a few days two more orders arrived, and since then there has been no looking back for him.

“In 2021, I even exported recycled furniture to South Africa. I’m proud of myself because I’ve always wanted to take my start-up to an international level. And that’s the reason why when I named it, I used the word International. Likewise, the term furniture world describes how one can find each piece of furniture here,” he added with a big smile explaining the story behind his company name P2S International Furniture World.

Take on challenges like a pro

It’s not just recycled furniture that Pramod offers, but his start-up also designs cafes and restaurants and supplies everything they need. During the lockdown, he even made over 3,000 hospital beds and sold 1,200 metal sanitizer dispensers. “The restaurants were closed, so I had to do something. I did some market research and found out what the need of the hour was. I made 12 Lakhs from selling dispensers and supplying beds in hospitals in Mumbai and Pune,” he said.

Pramod Susare
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Pramod Susare recently opened his own restaurant with recycled furniture in Pune. And now plans to expand its business even further by offering space-saving and inexpensive furniture. “I want to make sure I have a solution for every customer and provide them with a solution of their choice, regardless of their budget and their needs,” he said.

Before signing, he also told us how his engineering background helped him get it all done. He believes that it is very important to have a school education and that being an engineer, he understood the technical aspects of his projects. “Since I worked as a mechanical engineer in the past, if there is a problem with a machine in my house, I fix it myself. I also have some knowledge of electrical engineering. So whether it’s any switch or wiring, I can fix it,” he concluded.

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