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In light of UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres’ visit to the Kremlin on Tuesday to discuss ways to find a “peaceful solution” in Ukraine with Putin and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, the correspondent for the BBC, Jenny Hill, speaking from Moscow, said: ‘The meeting didn’t go very well.’ Putin and Mr Guterres were much further apart than a few meters of furniture. Putin and the UN secretary general were seated apart, separated by the “infamous long Kremlin table”, Ms Hill said.

Speaking to Ms Hill, the BBC Breakfast presenter asked: ‘How did the meeting between President Putin and the UN Secretary General really go yesterday?

Ms Hill replied: ‘I would say not very well.

“Part of the meeting was televised, so we were able to take a look at the men sitting at that famous long table in the Kremlin.

“And it became clear extremely quickly that they are much more separated than a few furniture bolsters.”

“Vladimir Putin was at first rather calm.

“He defended and justified his invasion of Ukraine at length.

“No, of course he would call it that.”

Referring to the meeting, Ms Hill also said: “Mr Guterres repeatedly tried to get him to agree to help civilians.

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“But it’s very tenuous.”

“Mr. Guterres came to Moscow and left with nothing.

“[Mr Guterres] also received a rather cold reception from Mr Putin’s foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov.

Mr Guterres said he visited Moscow as a messenger of peace and added: “Thousands of civilians are in desperate need of life-saving humanitarian aid, and many have been evacuated.”

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