Strictly Come Dancing stars will explore Oxfordshire for a celebrity road trip

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<p><figcaption class=Janette Manrara and Aljaž Škorjanec will appear on the show (Picture: BBC)

A husband and wife team from Strictly Come Dancing will explore Oxfordshire in an upcoming episode of Celebrity Antiques Road Trip.

The BBC Two TV series returned to screens on October 23 with a scintillating line-up of celebrities in search of antiques.

This week’s episode, which airs on Wednesday, will see Strictly pros Janette Manrara and Aljaž Škorjanec hit the road in Oxfordshire.

The couple, who competed every Saturday night on Strictly before leaving the show, will compete again to see who can uncover the most interesting antiques and make the most money at auction.

Ms Manrara said: “We had so much fun looking for treasures on Celebrity Antiques Road Trip!

“We love antique shops and it’s always exciting trying to find rare items, especially ones that will look fabulous in our home.”

Mr Škorjanec added: “There was healthy competition, but don’t worry, we are still talking to each other!”

Muslim Alim, BBC Editor, said: “We are so happy to have Celebrity Antiques Road Trip back on our screens and with such an incredible line-up of famous faces.

“There’s something for everyone, with plenty of laughs, entertainment and friendly rivalry along the way.”

Episode 3 of Series 11 of Celebrity Antiques Road Trip airs on BBC Two on November 16 at 8 p.m.

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