Taapsee Pannu: Sari will always be my favorite garment

Taapsee Pannu is known for turning heads wherever she goes. She is one of the few Bollywood actresses who like to experiment with different clothes and she manages to pull them off with the utmost gusto. She recently became the face of an eyewear brand in India. The actress, known for her eccentric style, told us about her favorite piece of clothing and her personal style. Here is an exerpt.

What is your favorite outfit? An outfit or item of clothing that you would like to live in forever.

TP: Comfort is my main priority, and I generally prefer to wear layered looks, lightweight silhouettes and cotton outfits. Although I love to wear western clothes, the Indian saree will always remain my favorite garment. I also like to pair all my outfits with a pair of trendy sunglasses because they immediately elevate your look.

Is there a fashion trend or style that you prefer to avoid? If so, what and why?

TP: I’m not really a big fan of trends, because they keep changing, and it’s important to have your own unique aesthetic style. In my opinion, it is very important that everyone develops and maintains their own sense of style that highlights their personality and individuality in the best possible way, without being too dependent on trends. Although personal style tends to vary depending on where I am, the weather, or even the movies I’m working on, I generally like to wear outfits that combine comfort and chic because it really reflects my personality.

Is there a contemporary Bollywood artist who inspires you? If you could steal anyone’s wardrobe, who would it be?

TP: I find that so many women in our industry dress so well for all public appearances, but it would be unfair to judge their personal style, because these days it’s hard to guess if that’s the style of their stylist or their own style because most of the time. of them dress in similar style and fashion so I don’t know how to judge the individuality there.

Tell us about your association with Vogue Eyewear and the new campaign film

TP: This is the second year of my collaboration with Vogue Eyewear and so far it has been an exciting and wonderful journey! As a brand, I love the versatility of the Vogue Eyewear collection because it fits perfectly with my personal style. From classic and chic to edgy and fashionable, the brand caters to a variety of preferences, and there’s a Vogue Eyewear style for everyone! The styles are also affordable, making them even more accessible to the younger generation.

What are your favorite styles from the collection you sported in the film?

TP: My favorite and a must-have from Vogue Eyewear’s latest collection is a 90s-inspired style of metal sunglasses with a modern twist – VO4235S.

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