The 9Honey team reveal: “Favorite item in my wardrobe”

We all have this wardrobe staple that occupies a special place in our closets.

Whether it’s the gorgeous dress you picked up for a bargain or the pair of pumps that are both chic and comfy, it might even be the all-purpose bag you can carry from the office. at a party.

We asked the team at 9Honey to reveal their most treasured wardrobe item and their answers are fabulous.

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Lucia Hawley: Faux Crocodile Ankle Boots

“I put them on sale for about $100 in 2020 and I think I’ve worn them about 1000 times since then.” (Provided)

It’s hard to find a favorite thing in my wardrobe, but these Jo Mercer boots have got to be up there! The boots are made from faux crocodile material and have a pointed toe – what more could you ask for?

I listed them for around $100 in 2020 and think I’ve worn them around 1000 times since then. I can wear them with pants and a top for a put together work look or pair them with a sundress to make the look a bit more edgy – I love how versatile they are.

Georgia Weir: Mango “power” jumpsuit

Georgia Dam
“I call it my ‘power suit’.” (Provided)

This is my favorite skirt and blazer that I bought from Mango. It cost me way too much money at the time of purchase (poor college student) but it was a birthday present that I bought myself after a nasty break up. I call it my “power suit” because it makes me feel like Leslie Knope or Hilary Clinton.

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Maddison Leach: pink metallic bag

Maddison Leaching
“It’s so fun and unique.” (Provided)

This bag is my favorite piece in my wardrobe! I don’t use it as much as I would like as it can be a little hard to fit into the work/casual wardrobe – it’s a hot pink metallic mini bag after all – but it’s so much fun and unique.

It’s definitely sparking joy and fueling the whole “dopamine dressing” trend. A friend gave it to me so it also has sentimental value.

Carina Rossi: fuchsia top

Carina Rossi
“I didn’t need it and probably couldn’t afford it, but I wanted it.” (Provided)

I know this NBD top might seem like an obnoxious item – it’s loud, puffy and lots of fuchsia – but I bought it on one of my late night shopping spirals on Revolve, after being laid off and at the middle of a mini career/life crisis.

I didn’t need it and probably couldn’t afford it, but I wanted it. I’ve had it for years now and every time I look at it flamboyantly hanging in my closet, it reminds me of those few sleepless months where I worried (unnecessarily) that things weren’t going to get better. But they did.

Jane De Graaff: Faux Fur Jacket

Jane DeGraaff
“Any excuse to wear it – any excuse at all – and it’s out.” (Instagram/@janedegraaff)

My favorite piece in the wardrobe is this faux fur jacket in rainbow colors. I bought this three years ago and although I hate the cold I get really excited when I can get this baby out.

I was on the highway for work and found it at a pop-up clothing store in Melbourne. The day I fell in love with it, I was in a hurry and ran to ask the price when I saw it in the window. It was nearly $300…I didn’t buy it, couldn’t justify it. I thought about it all night though. Something about the colors and its texture made my heart sing and I hadn’t bought anything so extravagant in years and years.

The next day, on the way to the airport, I stopped in just to “try it out”. It was the last in the store and once I got it I really didn’t want to take it off and asked again how much it was…turns out it was the last day from the pop-up and everything was $50.

Needless to say, I felt like it was meant to be and it’s been my favorite jacket ever since. Any excuse to wear it – any excuse – and it’s out.

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Bronte Gossling: platform boots

Bronte Gossling
“I wear them as often as I can get away with.” (Instagram/@BronteGossling)

They were expensive but worth it. I wear high boots all the time, especially in the winter, and needed a new pair – my old black leather ones were just that, old, but they weren’t worn or anything, so I didn’t have the justification to spend almost $300 on a new pair.

But these boots have a platform and a bit of personality in the form of the silver ring and ankle strap, and I felt they were the perfect boot for me. I could wear them to work and go out at night, and although the heel is high it has a platform so the slope isn’t, which means I can walk easily and comfortably.

I wear them as often as possible, without seeming to repeat my outfits.

Karina Recchi: Floral Dress

Karina Recchi
“I felt confident for the first time in a very long time.” (Provided)

I had no idea I had endometriosis when I bought this dress – I just thought I was going through a shitty phase and was bloating a lot, and I really wasn’t in love with what I looked like. (We’ve all been there.)

But when I found this slinky little thing at David Jones a few days before my friends wedding, it did everything I wanted. It was so comfortable, I loved the bell sleeves. And I felt confident for the first time in a very long time.

I was going to meet my boyfriend at this wedding – a groomsman’s fuck. So it turns out that the dress was also lucky. And I still wear it today: dressed up with sandals and a messy bun on boozy picnics or with white sneakers and a soft wave for sweet dinner parties. Transformative (but only really in summer)!

Serena Seyfort: Black Faux Leather Blazer

Serena Seyfort
“I would have paid so much more for that.” (Provided)

My favorite piece of clothing is my black faux leather blazer. I looked for one for a while before seeing this one hanging in a little clothing store that I had never bothered to walk into before.

It was only $60 and it’s a basic item. It’s so comfortable and has big deep pockets which means I technically don’t even have to take a bag out with me!

I think it’s cute and goes with everything. I would have paid so much more. It is also very easy to clean – any marks simply wipe off. This is now my favorite jacket for a night out.

Sarah Swain: Floral Set

Sarah Swain
“It always gets compliments and is so comfortable it’s like wearing pajamas.” (Provided)

My favorite current outfit is this pleated set from Decjuba. It always gets compliments and is so comfortable it feels like wearing pajamas.

I always used to “dress up” a lot in my youth, but now I have fully embraced the dress style. I wear it with brogues for work, and sneakers or slides when I’m not going far. It is also ideal for travel. I bought it slightly oversized.

Aine Ryan: Fringed Denim Jacket

Aine Ryan
“I took the jacket home but left the fringe behind.” (Provided)

I have a fringed denim jacket that I bought in New York when I was 25. Five years later, I still wear it all the time. I think it cost me around $100, which worked out pretty well for me based on cost per wear. Here’s a selfie I took the week I bought it. I took the jacket back to Sydney but left the fringe behind.

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