The BBC Antiques Roadshow guest who broke down in tears is a famous sports star

BBC Antiques Roadshow viewers watched in disbelief as a guest on the show burst into tears. Former tennis pro Elizabeth James was on the show on Sunday night.

Pundit Hilary Kay asked Elizabeth about her days at Wimbledon and other major championships. The couple were discussing the history of tennis outfits.

Hilary asked Liz, “I mean, when you watch this, does it bring everything back?” Elizabeth broke down and admitted, “Yeah, it does now.” She admits: “I must say, it’s now!”

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Hilary told her “Well it should, it was a fabulous time! It almost seems like a crime to have to put a value on them!” The expert continued: “Listen, the value of tennis dresses is not huge. I would have said the most valuable [dress] going to have the feathers of the Prince of Wales.

“That we’re talking maybe £200-300.” Hilary continued: “The others, and including maybe the ones we’re not looking at here, the other three or four you brought in, I would have thought we were talking maybe £800-1,000 for everything .”

Antiques Roadshow continues Sundays at 8pm on BBC One with episodes also available for fans to catch up on via the BBC’s on-demand player and catch-up service, the iPlayer.

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