The best green clothes and accessories for fall / winter 2021


Green has supplanted purple as the color of the day in recent months. Everything from housewares and interior design to cars and clothing has been wrapped in different shades of the secondary color. While color trends are usually tied to the seasons and therefore come and go (anyone remember semi-frozen yellow?), Green is so classic that it’s hard to imagine the pieces that you buy now will be totally old fashioned.

Green clothing most famously denotes envy, however, it’s also a color of hope, regeneration, and rebirth – three things we’re really hungry for right now. After a year like 2020, we’re doing everything we can to manifest the change this year, so it’s okay to refresh the wardrobe.

Like any color, hues and undertones of green can vary wildly. There’s the deep forest green, which we also like to call the Range Rover green, which brands like JJJJound or Casablanca have used. Then there are brighter and more vivid shades, such as lime green or meerschaum, which attract significantly more attention than the former.

With green clothes still having a moment, we thought it was time to give you a taste of some of the best green pieces Highsnobiety Shop has to offer. We have included a wide range of brands, shades and styles so that there is something for everyone in our selection. If you are looking for green accessories, like these Jacquemues socks, you have come to the right place. Likewise, if you’re looking for green jackets, green shirts, or even green pants, we’ve got you covered. Scroll through our collection of green clothes for fall 2021 and upgrade your wardrobe.

The best green clothes for fall 2021

Green Campus Tracksuit

Classic fleece hoodie with logo

Classic Logo Fleece Pants

Let’s face it, even though we can technically go out and wear real clothes, we still wear tracksuits, right? Our new fall fall is inspired by campus style so you can stay warm whether you’re in the classroom, in your dorms, or just living like a student (instant ramen forever).

Lemaire storm flap coat

Green and functional? Sign us up! Lemaire products are generally quite timeless and are a great investment. This Storm Flap coat is water repellent, making it an extremely useful layering piece this season. When it comes to green clothes for fall 2021, this must be on your list, especially if you’re in the market for a new coat. The deep forest green hue goes so well with so many things.

Jil Sander cargo pants

If you are looking for green pants, especially pants to match your brand new Lemaire coat, Jil Sander has got you covered. They might be a bit pricey, but you know Jil Sander products stand the test of time. The green pants also have a great fit. They’re loose, but not too baggy, and aren’t immediately recognizable as stereotypical cargo pants. It’s like stealth cargo pants.

Stone Island Jacket

Stone Island tends to make a product line ranging from classic luxury sportswear to incredibly technical and almost ridiculous clothing. This green jacket is nevertheless firmly in the old camp. You can wear it when the seasons change, or with more layers during the deepest winter (depending on where you live, of course).

Port Tangier Crepusculo


If you go for the head-to-toe green outfit this season, you can’t forget about the accessories. Lucky for you, we have a pair of Port Tanger olive green sunglasses in stock. The shape of these sunglasses is a bit funkier than the regular pair of sunglasses, but we’re confident you can take them off.

Acne Studios scarf

A lot of the products here have been deep green. If you are looking for something a little lighter to add to your growing collection of green clothing, this Acne Studios scarf would be a good option. The pale green hue pairs well with other greens, as well as lighter and darker colors.

Maison Margiela summer camp sweater

While Highsnobiety x Dickies green is more of a jade hue, Maison Margiela delves deep into the world of green clothing, giving us a beautiful sweater with an exaggerated collar. If you’re looking for a trendy piece this fall, look no further than this Maison Margiela sweater.

Stolen Girlfriends Club Claw Ring

Once you’ve stocked up on all the green clothes you can fit into your wardrobe, it’s time to see what types of green accessories you can match your new pieces with. This Stolen Girlfriends Club ring is the perfect understated touch.

Lincoln Highsnobiety x Dickies Green Work Suit

As part of our recent collaboration with Dickies, Highsnobiety has reinvented some of the brand’s signature pieces in the form of a work suit. The collection, which includes three pieces – a blazer, pleated pants and a shirt – comes in three colors, of which this lincoln green ensemble fits perfectly. You can also go all the way and grab the green shirt to complete the winning trifecta.

Jacquemus Bucket Hat

Everyone loves bobs, especially when it’s Jacquemus green bobs. Honestly, this piece would fit into just about any outfit, thanks to the deep olive green tone and lack of patterns.

Dries Van Noten satin padded loafers

Maybe you are not looking for green clothes. Maybe the only thing your spin is missing is a pair of green shoes? Granted, they’re pretty wild, and you shouldn’t wear them on a daily basis (although if you do, you’ll have more potency). But if there’s one trendy shoe that matches this color story, it’s these Dries Van Noten loafers. They are like elegant ankle boots for your feet.

Loewe ballet runner

This Loewe Ballet Runner literally covers the entire spectrum of green colors. So be careful what you associate it with, but don’t feel like you have to be too conservative. The shoe features a gradient pattern for a reason.

Suicoke KAW-CAB

The classic Suicoke sandal is also available in military green. If you are wondering why we are including a pair of sandals in our green clothing for fall 2021, you must not have read our article on winter sandals yet. Either way, Suicoke is still a vibe, but that vibe takes on another dimension when it’s green.

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