The Evercare Pet Lint Roller keeps my furniture and clothes hair free

Pets are awesome. Animal fur all over the house isn’t so great. I own two cats, and although I love them, I can’t stand how much they shed. Their fur is in the air, on the furniture, all over my clothes. It is actually surprising that they still have fur on their bodies.

Fortunately, a few years ago a friend of mine told me about the Evercare Pet Lint Roller. I was about to sit on a chair in her apartment when she stopped me and said, “There’s dog hair all over that chair!” She grabbed a green-handled lint roller and with a few quick strokes the chair was clean. “These are the only lint rollers I will use,” she said. “The ones with the green handle.” A quick trip to Target and I found what she was talking about. I bought an Evercare Pet Lint Roller and since then I haven’t used any other brands.

Evercare Pet Extreme Stick Giant Refillable Lint Roller, 60 Sheets


The Evercare Pet Lint Roll is, as one might imagine, a roll of duct tape. But the adhesive is extremely sticky and easily picks up fur, hair, and debris from furniture or clothing. It works much better than other brands (and believe me, I’ve tried several) in erasing my cats’ fur marks from my couch, chairs, clothes, lampshades, and curtains.

And the tape is not difficult to remove. With other brands I have found that the sheets can stick together and tear when I try to pull them off. I haven’t had this problem with Evercare Pet Lint Rollers. Once a sheet is dirty, I easily peel it off, throw it away and use the next sheet.

The roller is available in several sizes:

Evercare Pet, Mega Lint Roller with 42" Extendable handle, roll of 25 sheets

Evercare Pet, Mega Lint Roller with 42″ Extendable Handle, 25 Sheet Roll


Each size comes with refills, so it’s possible to order the initial roll, then buy sheet refills and reuse the handle.

That said, there are a few complaints about the top-ups.

Issues with Evercare Pet Lint Roller Refills

On the Evercare website, two 60-sheet products are listed: a 4.6-inch-wide jumbo roll and a 4-inch-wide regular/standard roll. And according to the site, “They are not interchangeable.”

This can cause serious headaches if you’re not sure what size lint roller you have. Evercare states that on newer items, “the size is stamped on the lint roller handle cage.” But it’s not useful if the item is impractical or you have an older model.

This is one of the biggest complaints from buyers of Evercare products; most reviewers love the lint roller’s ability to clean pet fur items, but find it frustrating that the refills sometimes don’t fit in the handle. As one reviewer writes, “They slide off completely when in use, so I have to reapply, roll, rinse, and repeat. … They’re way too big. Evercare rollers work like a charm , when properly aligned.”

It becomes all the more frustrating when various sellers on Amazon do not accurately describe the product. My recommendation is to read the description carefully and contact the seller if you are unsure of the size they are selling. I try to order refills from the same seller each time so I know I am getting the correct item.

Despite this flaw, the Evercare Pet Lint Roller is still the best I’ve found for cleaning my cats’ fur. I have been using the product for years and have yet to find a brand that works as well.

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