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By Jerrie Whiteley Democrat Herald

I’m not sure how many of these articles I’m going to write about things TikTok made me try or buy, but here’s another one.

For years I have always admired other people’s body art or tattoos. Some people take it too far with this in my opinion, but others have tasteful images in distant places that are important to them. While I admire the dedication it takes to do such a thing, I’ve never been forced to sit down and have anything added to my skin permanently. It’s not because I think there’s anything particularly wrong with doing it, it’s just that I never found anything I wanted to engage with. as personal as my own skin.

Now, watching TikToks, I know I can have my ink and lose it too. There have been temporary tattoos for years, maybe even decades, but they were pretty childish and only lasted a few days. Now they have some that are very realistic and last for weeks at a time.

Although I can’t imagine having anything on my arm for years, a season isn’t that hard to figure out. I’m thinking of a pumpkin for Halloween and maybe something for Christmas. Although the ones I’ve seen so far are all black, so I might be waiting for them to figure out how to add some color to them? For Christmas, I would love a circle of Christmas lights around my wrist.

Also on TikTok, I noticed a trend of people getting wedding rings tattooed on their fingers. In my opinion, this is probably the best use of a tattoo. I don’t know what happens in the event of a divorce, but maybe those who opt for tattooed rings are a little more serious about marriage?

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