The Savvy Picker: Meaders Mercantile & Antiques

Shows like American Pickers, Antiques Tour, Star pawns, and others have people who want to get into antique and vintage treasure hunting. And why not? There are plenty of great spots in northeast Georgia laden with loot and ripe for picking.

The Wise selector will introduce us to some of them while offering us tricks of the trade and sharing his findings.

First, Meaders Mercantile and Antiques in Cleveland, Georgia.

Hidden treasures

From the moment you walk into Meaders Mercantile and Antiques, you’re greeted with cute and innovative displays filled with reasonably priced merchandise, like this wine rack tower housing rolling pins and antique rake heads hanging from red handled kitchen utensils and brooms.

Meaders offers a multitude of collections such as lovely retro salt and pepper shakers which have regained popularity in recent years, but also many other hidden treasures.

For my resale business, I’m looking for classic items that are always popular like Blue Willow Dishes and found a pile of them at one of the stalls! I picked up the set of 37 dishes for $50. Since these items typically sell in my area for $8-$12 each, this was a great buy for me.

I also picked up some wooden animal sculptures. These always sell out for me in my physical store, especially the cats! Another item I can’t seem to keep in stock is brass bells, so I was glad to find a small one in the shape of an apple. If you go to Meaders, be sure to check out the store through and through. You won’t want to miss the famous Meaders pottery!

Who should visit: People who love a variety of items at reasonable prices!

Summary of the day: Lots of blue willow

Expected profit on Blue Willow: $200

Take-out dealer: Figure out which items (like Blue Willow, Cats, and Bells) are still selling for you and try to keep them in stock.

Meaders Mercantile & Antiquities is located at 2047 Helen Hwy. in Cleveland, Georgia. It is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Saturday and from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Sunday.

Visit the Wise Selector website for more tips on tracking vintage treasures.


Habersham County was the author’s home when she was a student at UGA in the 1980s. Although she now lives and operates a vintage business in Beaufort, SC, she loves going back to the mountains of North Georgia to visit friends and, of course, to shop!

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