Tips on how to wash furniture with whitewash

The good news about lime paint and lime, in general, is that the natural substance isn’t harsh or loaded with dangerous chemicals typically found in other paints and finishes, according to The Mud Home. . However, all projects, especially home and construction projects, should be done with caution and care. A simple DIY project is meant to be fun, practical, and possibly save you money, and a trip to the ER isn’t on the cards.

Therefore, gloves and goggles are recommended when using lime paint. Goggles or goggles will keep any rogue splashes out of your eyes, and gloves will protect your skin where it’s most likely to come in contact with the paint. Lime and chalk paint is caustic, and if it comes in contact with your skin, mouth, or eyes, it can cause burns and other skin irritations (via Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia). Stronger forms of lime can cause more serious injury, and you should carefully read the instructions and warnings on any product before use. However, if you come into contact with small amounts, you should wash the affected area thoroughly and immediately. If careful, lime paint should not be dangerous.

Simple goggles should sufficiently protect your eyes while painting. However, remember that brushing too fast or using too much paint can cause drips and splatters. Simple protective gloves will protect your skin, but you can also use thicker water and chemical resistant gloves if you are working with large amounts of lime paint. Long pants and long-sleeved shirts are also recommended and may limit your risk of exposure.

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