Top 10 Smart Furniture Designs Worthy of IKEA

I truly believe that good furniture designs make or break a home! After all, furniture is an integral part of any home, it sets the tone and contributes to the essence of the home. You can express your tastes, preferences and personality through the furniture you choose for your living space. They are an extension of you. Now, as nice as aesthetically pleasing and visually intriguing furniture designs can be, people are now turning to furniture designs that are more function and utility oriented (which, quite simply, make our lives easier), and a genre interesting is Smart furniture! Technology-enhanced furniture is a whole new ball game, meeting our multiple needs and making our daily lives more comfortable. From a height-adjustable smart table with customizable modules to a smart bed that charges our devices and comes with an integrated home theater system, smart furniture is in a class of its own! It’s an explosive meeting between IKEA and Tesla! And today we explore some super innovative and unique designs.

1. The Ultimate Hariana Tech Smart Bed

The Hariana Tech Smart Ultimate Bed was designed to have everything you’ll need to relax in your bed frame. It has a built-in reclining massage chair with remote control, built-in Bluetooth speaker, bookshelf, reading light, air purification system, space to plug in and charge your devices, an opening footrest for additional storage, and a pull-out desk for the ultimate WFH setup, a Netflix marathon, or hours of enjoyable reading. The audio system also includes an SD card slot, an auxiliary port and a USB port. Another neat detail of the Hariana bed is a password protected safe so you can store your most valuable things – for me that would be my passport and my snacks!

2. The smart table of runes

The Rune smart table has a slim form factor, but contains cutouts on the surface with magnetic sockets to accommodate various modules for a lamp, speaker, wireless charger, stationery container, and more. Users can customize the board – with modules of choice – from the Rune website. These modules fit directly into slots in the smart table, allowing for a seamless viewing experience. Onboard is the Rune Controller module that gives users complete control over the table and its configuration. When a new module is connected to the magnetic plug, the control automatically detects the installed module and offers options to control and uninstall it to make room for a new module.

3. The Routine Chair


The Routine Chair is truly a future-oriented creation that everyone would love to own one day. Its ability to seamlessly switch to the most preferred position based on the user’s personalized routine or built-in presets gives it a tactical advantage over big guns like Herman Miller. It’s partly like the Ella suspended office chair with the movable swivels, but the ability to have the most preferred ergonomic position based on time of day or usual work routine positions is radically different.

4. The LG Display multimedia chair

The LG Display Media Chair is perfect for relaxing and watching your favorite Netflix show! The comfy recliner looks straight out of 2050 with a 55-inch OLED TV attached. The chair is equipped with LG’s built-in sound technology – Cinematic Sound OLED. The technology produces vibrations which in turn intensify the sound and create a realistic cinematic experience. The screen also flips horizontally and vertically at the touch of a button. The LG Display Media Chair creates a personal and intimate movie-watching experience in the comfort of your own home.

5. The Duo bed

Discover the Duo bed designed by Andrei Mogila for Zegen which brings a pragmatic approach to relax after a long day at work. The aesthetically designed piece of furniture combines minimalism, softness and geometry of lines to please everyone. Duoo is the result of careful attention to detail when it comes to design aesthetics. In terms of usability, the bed offers the option of charging mobile devices or battery banks directly from the headboard. Plus, it has dedicated LED night lights on each side for late night readers that bring the convenience of privacy without disturbing your companion. Keeping comfort and visual sharpness at heart, Andrei managed to strike the right balance between form and function.

6. Futian

In an effort to transform the city of Shenzhen into a brand identity, inDare Innovation Studio has created a collection of smart street furniture called Futian to help better define and meet the needs of Shenzhen residents. Futian represents inDare’s goal of creating a “world-leading model city that is smart, human-centered and sustainable”. Each component of the Futian collection comes with built-in artificial intelligence technology that allows users to interact with its interface to learn more about the city and daily conditions regarding topics such as weather and traffic.

7. Köllen Eget Smart Interactive Workspace

The Köllen Eget smart interactive workspace is constructed from premium materials, creating a workspace with a minimal and natural feel, but also high functionality. The workspace has been equipped with an integrated system of connections. It has four USB ports, four outlets and a wireless charger. A built-in magnetic board lets you take notes, doodle, and doodle when you need it! The interactive workspace also has a motion sensor lighting system. Ample storage space allows you to easily organize your devices, cables and other work accessories.

8. The X7.0 Smart Table Lamp

The X7.0 Smart Table Lamp is something you will see far in the future. Its minimal style is made more interesting by the fact that it rotates 360°. The lamp projects ambient lighting around, giving a levitating effect. From a distance, it appears to be a gem or a crystal. You know, the kind you see and need to collect and complete in video games. Noku Design used black coated aluminum for the frame of the lamp as well as their own NoxuSmart LED light. Standing at 15 inches, the lamp can display over 16 million colors, but obviously you can only identify the basic colors. It offers different multicolor effects that you can control through the NoxuSmart app. If you want to increase or decrease the speed of the effects, you can do that too.

9. The Points Table

Egyptian furniture brand De.Ci’s Dot table has brought the future of smart furniture to 2020 with its multi-functional features and adaptable shape. With the Dot, you won’t have to ask your loved ones to bring you your charger – this table not only has multiple USB charging ports, but can also wirelessly charge your devices with its built-in connectivity system . Dot is a table by day and a DJ by night thanks to the built-in SONY speakers, so now you have music AND a place to put your party snacks!

10. The COMODO shoe closet

Check out the COMODO shoe closet that doubles as an ottoman to sit on while you wear your freshly cleaned pair of sneakers for the weekend basketball game. The name is derived from the Spanish word “Cómodo” which means practical and pleasant in Spanish. Design Studio Designer Dot and designer Hyeona Cho have come up with a cool shoe closet featuring next-age sanitizing technology to keep your pair of shoes away from moisture and any bacterial or fungal buildup. Taking inspiration from modern multi-functional furniture that is based on compactness and minimalism, the shoe closet serves a very basic but important purpose.

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