Ukrainian relief campaign closes roads around Cardi’s furniture

There is clearly a will to provide supplies and other basic needs to the Ukrainian people.
This was demonstrated at Cardi’s Furniture in West Warwick, Swansea and South Attleboro on Saturday, where so many people showed up to donate supplies that roads had to be closed to accommodate them.

“All three locations,” said Peter Cardi. “All the roads around them were closed. It was unbelievable.”

The gift was overwhelming

Cardi told us the demand to donate was so high that her stores couldn’t accept any more from the public. They were forced to go from car to car to explain that they had reached their absolute capacity. The original plan was to fill three or four trailers with supplies such as clothing, boots, and other personal items. Before the end of the day, there were more than 18 trailers full of goods.

Courtesy of Cardi’s Furniture

Courtesy of Cardi’s Furniture

“It was crazy,” Cardi said. “The South Coast, your listeners, everyone’s listeners, our whole region is very generous. Everyone came out in great numbers to support the effort to get goods to Ukraine. Even in the rain, it wasn’t pretty, but the relief campaign was so busy, we had to close it early.”

Does Cardi have plans for another fueling campaign?

Not immediately. The logistics for this type of drive is extraordinary. Collecting goods is just the beginning. Now Cardi’s, along with its partners, shipping company Arpin, must ship all items to the middle of a war zone. It’s not an easy task, but one that Arpin aims to accomplish over the next three to four weeks.
“Arpin was already shipping goods to Ukraine before the war, so they already have a clear path,” Cardi said.

Is it too late to donate?

Absolutely not. Cardi said, “Anyone who is able and willing can always help the people of Ukraine by going to to donate.”

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