Weapons, Clothing, and Other References They Could Add to Cyberpunk 2077

cyberpunk edge runners is hailed as a miracle worker. This Netflix-exclusive animated series, made by Trigger Studios, breathed new life into its source material Cyberpunk 2077. After its release, the game saw similar player numbers to the first 30 days after the game’s release, and this only sets a precedent that anime fans hope to continue with other game series.

RELATED: The Best Cyberpunk TV ShowsAnd, while the game included the Edgerunners update which added some nice gear and nods to the anime’s story and characters, it wasn’t a ton of different links, especially for some something that gave the game a whole new chance. So, let’s think about some other references that CDProjekt Red might add in future updates for Cyberpunk 2077 it would make fans of David’s story cry with joy.


8/8 Sandevistan, David’s unnamed military role model

Since enough time has passed for people to realistically look at everything cyberpunk edge runners, there have been various fan-made build guides on how to closely recreate David Martinez’s “build” in-game. Almost all of these builds include the QianT Sandevistan Mk. 4, a legendary version of the column modification spine that can only be obtained from a disgusting NPC by the name of Finn Gerstatt.

But, CDProjekt could put David’s real Sandevistan in the game if they wanted to. They could, for example, find it in an old Millitech facility, and when equipped, it could create an afterimage and vividly colored visual effect similar to that seen in Edgerunners.

7/8 Lucy’s Monofil

Similar to David’s Sandevistan, CdProjekt could also allow players to obtain Lucy’s weapon of choice, her Monowire, in Cyberpunk 2077. However, this would be more for a story reason than a weapon, as Monowire Lucy’s uses seem pretty identical to those used in the game, Lucy just makes it stronger. At the precise moment (one year after the events of edge runners), Lucy should be off the grid for a long time.

But, considering how she’s also browsed and interacted with Rogue AI outside of Blackwall, she could easily find V (or vice versa) as they scour the Net and interact with them that way, throwing a side quest for her to tell the player and V to learn more about David and leave his monofil behind. Visually, they might even give the monofil that rainbow pastel effect that Lucy’s lock of hair has.

6/8 Becca’s unnamed arms and hands

Let’s be honest, of all the characters in cyberpunk edge runners, Becca is by far the biggest fan favorite, which is hilarious given how much CDProjekt didn’t want her on the show. Either way, every aspect of Rebecca’s design is memorable, from her grayish skin, her tattoos, and even her red eyes and yellow irises.

RELATED: Lingering Questions We Have After Cyberpunk: Edgerunners EndsBut, after the ellipse in edge runners, the most noticeable change to Becca’s body has to be the elongated arms and gigantic red and blue hands that are similar (or exactly identical) to those of her brother Pilar in homage to him. Now these Cyberware Arms were never named, but it would be great to see them implemented in Cyberpunk 2077 as they actually lengthen the character’s arms. If implemented, there could be a fun trick where V can actually punch and swing the guns farther. Yes, those would be two separate references to Becca alongside her Guts Shotgun already in the game, but she absolutely deserves it, right?

5/8 Kiwi Cybernetic Jaw/Mask

Kiwi is another Maine crew member in edge runners who just oozes a sarcastic charm. And the fact that she managed to figure out how to smoke while having this face mask-like Cyberware is magical in itself.

But, sadly, there’s no such thing as his Face Mask and/or Cybernetic Jaw in Cyberpunk 2077 currently and fans have had to resort to visual mods to experience their Kiwi cosplays and builds. So why not put it in the game in a future update? After all, there’s so much potential for face mask cosmetics and they might even reduce poison since it’s a mask, although most in-game chemical damage comes from, well, bullets .

4/8 Katsuo Tanaka’s Kung Fu Chipware

Katsuo Tanaka is a character from edge runners who most fans probably don’t know by name. Rather, they know him by his appearance and attitude as the blue-haired tyrant of the new Arasaka Academy. Katsuo stars as the favored school bully in Edgerunners, but he has a hilarious moment.

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When he goes after David in Episode 2 just before he gets the call that his mother has died, he shows off his Strong Arms 400 and Kung Fu Chipware implants in a flurry of nonsensical punches and nasty noises all beating David in black and blue. Now imagine if they put those Strong Arms (in-game known as Gorilla Arms) in-game with the Chipware as part of a package. Then players run as V screams like Bruce Lee and defeats Tyger Claws with cyber infused Kung Fu.

3/8 Urn of Gloria Martinez

This neighbor may seem insensitive, and he is. But, remember, Night City isn’t the most sensitive place, so it would fit perfectly with its atmosphere. Basically, CDProjekt Red could add Gloria Martinez’s urn or similar toy as a keepsake reward for V’s apartment after a edge runners-related mission.

For those who might have forgotten, after Gloria’s death, David has her cremated and receives her urn like one receives a soda from a vending machine. It really plays into the nihilistic atmosphere of Night City. And, if V somehow got his hands on it, it would fit, because Gloria could symbolically take care of another child delinquent trying to make it in Night City.

2/8 Another survivor of the camp Lucy is from

The few missions in Cyberpunk 2077 re edge runners are already nice nods, but they’re not exactly expansive quests. So what if the devs added a side quest in a future update where V comes into contact with another survivor from Lucy’s Arasaka camp when she was a child?

This would allow for more gameplay sections, develop Lucy’s backstory a bit more, and even tie V’s story to the events of edge runners without feeling too forced. Remember, Lucy talked about running away and getting out of this, but she didn’t look back and she didn’t confirm if they were all dead, so that wouldn’t break the canon either from anime.

1/8 The way people talk over text

And finally, let’s talk about one aspect of edge runners that many fans of Cyberpunk 2077 the game and not the original tabletop game was probably confusing when watching, the odd conversational style of the characters when speaking through comms. In the game, characters move their mouths and speak, then their cyberware sends what they say as a voice/text message to their recipient.

But in edge runners, the characters “think” about each other and communicate in this way. This is the reason why voice calls sound so strange in edge runners, because the cyberware translating these thoughts into text looks faulty or flawed. It would be difficult to add it as an option or reference in 2077but technically they wouldn’t have to record new audio, they could just apply a filter to the audio or assign someone to cut or voice together or have certain words repeat in a sentence in the same rambling way.

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