Young Pictou Business Owner Launches Winking Kid Clothing


Winking Kid Clothing recently launched its locally designed shirts, the same day the business owner and operator turned eight.

“In fact, everything has gone very well, we have had a few orders so far,” says Caleb Cameron, his parents Sarah Macdonald and Donald Cameron agree there have been quite a few.

The online store currently offers T-shirts, long sleeves, crewnecks and hoodies with two different Winking Kid designs.

Living in Pictou, Caleb said he often pretended to have a business when he was younger. Then as I got older it became more specifically a clothing business.

“He just started so young. He just played like he was our boss, he gave us fake payslips, he added all of our family to video chats and we had meetings, ”Macdonald said. “So when he really wanted to do it, we said okay, let’s give it a try.”

Caleb said he drew a lot, learning how to draw a blinking face was the reason he got the company name. The original logo design was a blinking stick head, but as he continued to work on it he came up with the final robot head product.

He said he loves art and design because it allows him to share his creativity with the world.

“I draw a lot, and I mean a lot,” Caleb says.

Being a student and a business owner, he says he gets help from his parents and other family members. Jay, Blake and Ryan from Maritime Design also helped him. They helped create the website and gave her business cards for her birthday.

They also helped bring the logo to life digitally and taught Caleb some Photoshop basics.

For the sequel, Caleb once said he’d like to see his clothes in stores. He would also like to give back with future profits to Indigenous-focused causes or the SPCA, to name just two.

His parents said they were proud of Caleb, and by doing this with him, they wanted to show him what he was capable of.

A feeling that is a big part of what Winking Kid is.

“One thing I want people to know about Winking Kid is it’s about helping kids know that if you think about it and get a little help you can do anything. do, “Caleb said.

People can check their products at


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